Hi. I'm new here and I'm a big fan of The Chariot. Does anyone know their EQ settings and tuning for guitar? An example would be in their song The City. Thank you.
they play low, like drop C or drop B

as for amp settings, it really depends on your amp and guitar. however, they do have a fairly bright sound (for metalcore), so you probably need to run the bass fairly low. also, they don't have huge amounts of gain, so resist the urge to play with tones of gain
ok. thanks. i use a variety of equipment. 3 amps and 3 guitars. guitars:Ibanez RG series, Aria Pro II STG series, and an Epiphone SG (not sure of the model). amps:Marshal MG 50, Roland Cube 30x, and Fender Frontman (forgot the model. it's some number than a letter B after it. just a small practice amp) i have my usual amp settings like this. Gain:10 Treble:10 Middle:8 Bass:8. my Dave Electro Distortion pedal goes to my Frontman, the integrated overdrive on my Marshall, and integrated metal stack on my Roland cube and i use Ernie Ball Power Slinky strings on all my guitars and with heavy picks. any tips on what i can do with stuff like that?