Hey everyone!
I came up with this song due to my boredom and wishes to explore Lepou's awesome amp sims a bit more (used legion and lecto for this one). The result came up to be something more upbeat and metal-oriented than what I'm normally used to.

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Damn dude, first off, you have amazing tone. I tried the plugins you used for myself, and I had a tone half as good as you I'd be glad. What Interface and Cabsim/Impulses did you use?

Oh, btw, thanks for your crit!

And now, onto your song, critting as I listen:

Starts off a bit chaotic, but that's not a bad thing. As mentioned before, your tone is really good. Drums sound nice as well. Your playing is really nice, and I really like your songwriting. I'm missing vocals, though, something with a lot of emotions and dirt in it. Would make it just more awesome!

1:15 is a nice change, the song was just about to get boring.

The riff at 1:34 is awesome!

2:28 brings in some fresh things, in a perfect transition. Damn, your good at this! The part at 2:50 reminds me on something but I'm not sure. Maybe Thrice or Saosin.,

I'm not sure about 3:45 to 4:34, this part is nothing new and seems to drag on. It might be okay if you have strong vocals and use it as outro, but so it just drags on. The outro is nice, though.

So, it's a really nice song, and your playing, your recording and mixing is perfectly fine, but this song needs something just a bit more, like a vocalist or a sudden change, I'm not sure. I'm just missing something at the end to make it stand out a bit more, ya know?

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For the tone, I record through my Podxt Live using the tube simulator on Gearbox (yeah I haven't got to purchase Pod Farm yet ) for a bit of extra warmth... sometimes I also use the Fuzz Pi stompbox to get it sounding all nasty and screwed up (like at the end). Then it's pretty much all in the box, I'm using Redwirez impulses, specifically one of the Uberkab models... And as for processing there's some multiband compression and lots of EQing there. Oh, and I quad track my rhythm guitars.

And yeah I hear you about some of the sections dragging on a bit. It was indeed written with vocals in mind, which I hope I'll get to work on during further re-recordings

Thanks a lot for your feedback!