i think i'll be recoding a solo acoustic album on a friend's laptop in the not-too-distant future.

i was in a guitar class last year at my school in which i played certain songs as projects in front of the class that were videotaped and uploaded to youtube. i am aware my technique sounds like shit and there's a reason: since i began playing guitar in december '09, all i've had to practice on was a nylon string acoustic my brother handed down to me. in this class, we use steel strings, i was definitely not used to this at all. if you can get passed the sloppiness maybe you can enjoy these songs (they will probably all NOT be on the album, it'll be a very different style)

"Dude, Did You See that Unicorn?"


this was back when i listened to a lotta prog and weird psychedelic caziness. yes, i subconsciously stole the intro from roundabout...

"loads of improv and hampsters in space"


that's me soloing, its entirely improvised except for the first arpeggio and the last chord.

"The Leprechaun Blues"


here you really see how bad i am on a steel string (lotta dead notes).

i hope somebody out there likes it, i've got 2 more to post once the teacher uploads them, one is a cove of "anarchy in the uk," (i sing in it), the other is an indian sounding song i wrote that i am very proud of.