Idk if it's just me, but i don't think the vocals match what the instruments were doing very well. I thought the vocals sounded shrill in comparison to the relatively heavy instrumental parts.
Apart from that, I thought the vocals and instruments sounded good individually (vocalist reminded me a bit of August Burns Red's, not sure if that's an influence).
Ah thanks man!
nah, our influences are mainly like tony danza, stray from the path, the acacia strain... just like heavy hardcore. Abr's isn't bad though! I just find that they get tedious.
I agree! They're solid but nothing special. If your vocalist threw in some lows/pig squeals/ whatever into the mix then I'd feel a little more confident of his range, but he's definitely got a good energy from what I can tell. And i'm also a fan of The Acacia Strain hahah.
anyways, good luck on your quest for musical greatness!
I like it, I am into old school hardcore also. The vocals are similar to 25 ta life and agnostic front. I think that the vocals are appropriate
Thanks man! yeah we are pretty much doing Hardcore in Drop A Flat. We are trying not to be a deathcore band. Pig squeals are just annoying. We are working on a DIY CD so we will keep you guys posted on that shit.

why are vox in the left ear?
very very Good indeed! i just hear vox in the left ear >.>, transitions are on point, and god damn the fast circle pit shiz makes me nut! awesome


crit mine? its hardcoreeee too
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