what would be a good bass combo amp under $300 that i could use to play a show with? i've been looking around for a little now but i'm not really sure how many watts i would need. thanks in advance.

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I have a Gallien-Krueger MB-112 thats 200 watts. it might handle small shows.
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A good general thing to thing about it is this:

Is the amp open-back or closed-back?

With bass, you are typically going to want a closed-back speaker cabinet. This gives more punch and forward drive to the sound.

If the combo amp is solid-state, the speaker cabinet will most likely be closed-back. If it's a tube amp, then the cabinet back will most likely be open.

They way to tell this is simple: you look at the back of the speaker cabinet. If there is a hole cut out and you can see the back of the speaker, it's open back. If the speaker back is closed-off and you can't see the speaker, it's closed back.
^ that really doesnt apply.

Have a look for an ashdown mag 300 combo or a hartke ha2500/3500 and see what you kind find.
Have a look for some peavey's, hartke's, acoustic. Around 250-300 watts.
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Edit: I thought I was in the guitar forum... you could go with a low end Ashdown or Ampeg.
Sure, this is my first post here but I've been around at those 'other' forums for quite a while
Here is my suggestion:

I own this amp. It kicks the floor pretty hard and doesn't dissapoint.
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I have a Rumble series amp from Fender. Very nice amp, I use it to play shows and it serves it's purpose! It's easy to haul around (roller wheels on bottom), not too big but not too little, user friendly controls, and in my opinion is very versatile to the genre of music you play. Whether it's a clean tone, distorted, whatever it sounds great through the rumble. But the smallest I'd get is the 75w!