Poll: How many times per week?
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1 time
3 5%
2 times
3 5%
3 times
7 11%
4 times
3 5%
5 times
11 17%
6 times
11 17%
7 times
12 18%
8 times
2 3%
9 times
0 0%
10 times
14 21%
Voters: 66.
I don't have a masturbation limit or schedule.

EDIT: I absolutely destroy 10 times a week.
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Maybe like seven.....


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Where's the "varies depending on how much actual sex I have in a given week" option?

This is heavily involved in the equation.
Probably too much, but I don't really keep count and it varies from none one week to a lot then next week.
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14 times give or take. One in the shower in the morning each day, and one time before I go to sleep. It all varies, but that's my average.
I masturbate every time one of these threads comes up. So too much. ZING!
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About as many times as this thread is created a month.

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Although I'd actually say that I do it more when I'm getting more sex. Don't know why.
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Where's the "varies depending on how much actual sex I have in a given week" option?

What if the amount of actual sex is none? Ever?

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Maybe like seven.....


He came to my town last week and did a live show. It was awesome.
Damn I read the poll as in day not week.

Well lets see here I can and often masturbate 3-5 times a day, yes that's DAY. you do the math.
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Once a day, although commonly I miss a day or more. Other times I'm bored enough to do it twice in a day.

If all men masturbate as often as the responses in this thread suggest, then the porn industry is a bloody goldmine. Need to get on that shit, yo.
You guys make me feel like a damn asexual. I honestly can't remember the last time I whacked it. Sometimes i'll do it once a week, but I usually go a month or two without doing it. I'd say 1 time a month, but even that is stretching it.
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