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I want to see Animals as Leaders in what seems to be a mid-sized club called mojoes in Joliet, IL. I've never even seen a concert like this, only jazz bands and symphony orchestras at the college where my dad worked before. Perhaps more importantly, I'm only 15 years old. Is it uncommon for someone my age to be going to a metal concert, where the opening acts are probably death metal/deathcore bands?

What should I expect? Is it going to be so ear ****ingly loud I won't be able to hear shit for the next 3 days? I've heard that about AC/DC concerts, and I would think it would be just as bad if not worse with metal bands.
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wear earplugs. also animals as leaders is pretty much jazz anyway.
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wear earplugs, although I have never been to metal concert I have been to plenty of concerts and the easiest way to solve the ear ringing problem is earplugs. Also I'd suspect metal bands be louder than what I listen to. I have always wanted to see a metal band, but don't listen to anything beyond ratm which isn't full metal...just can't get into it. but I hear they can get roudy my friend said a lot of times kids jump on stage etc. sounds like a bunch of fun..wish I liked the music
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it's loud as hell, and is going to be better than their record stuff. thats how it always is. you can watch live stuff on youtube, but you will never get he feeling of actually being there like that. basically, watching metal bands live, if you are into them is so great. im 15 myself, and have been to a few metal shows, and it's just a blast. chances are, for animals as leaders, there will be frequent, but small moshing occurring, and usually people get hit in the face.
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Well if it's a metal concert then lots of bad music is the first thing you can expect.

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Your post was the only bright spot in this disgusting piece of thread.

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It won't be louder than AC/DC just because it's metal.
You'll be surrounded by people who smell.
You'll probably be the average age of people there.
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Closest to a metal concert I've been to is Avenged Sevenfold and bands like Underoath and A Day to Remember. I'd assume the music you're talking about will be a little more intense. Expect mosh pits, and people pulling you into them. Expect extremely loud incomprehensible screaming. People will be jumping around and are not afraid to get you involved by landing on you.

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You will be absolutely fine, there are plenty of places to just stand around and nod your head to the music. It will not be so loud your ears fall off, but wear protection if you want. I never have and it never really bothered me.

Have a blast dude! AaL are awesome.
It's lots of fun. Don't worry about getting hurt or anything, the people in mosh pits are usually really kind to each other. If someone falls down someone else helps them up. The only thing I really worry about are those hardcore dancers who flail their arms around and have no idea what's going on around them, but you probably won't run into those types of people very much at a metal concert.
I'm assuming that's the tour where Last Chance to Reason is playing, so you WILL probably get the experience of sweaty dudes moshing and/or hardcore dancing. If it was just AaL pretty much only musicians and people who enjoy music would be attending and they would probably just all stare at Tosin and not really move around very much. If you just want to see the show, I'd recommend standing somewhere in the center, behind the main crowd. That's where it'll sound best and you'll be jostled the least.

And yeah, there are plenty of 15 year olds at metal shows. You're a bit late to the party.
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Expect ringing in your ears for the next day or two. Might want to bring ear plugs, at least for the opening acts. This goes for about any concert.

Moshing is pretty easily avoided, and doesn't get too crazy if you do decide to jump in.

The only real metal concert I went to was all death metal bands, where about 98% of the audience stood in silence, with their arms at their sides, heads down and eyes up, looking as pissed off as could be at the few people who were actually getting into the music.
I went to Lamb of God when I was 14 I'm pretty sure.

You can take it easy or go mosh. I'm too small and get destroyed in pits so I always hang out at the back. Bring earplugs if you want to preserve your hearing. I'm 19 and mine is already going.
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The first thing I noticed is that as soon as I left the venues after the shows were over, I was basically deaf. It lasted for 30 mins to an hour.

But they're awesome. If you go to see a band that's good live (i.e. In Flames, best live band I've ever seen), then it's an incredible experience, one which is both difficult to describe, and so much different from listening to the music on an iPod or speakers. I went to Gigantour in NYC and it was AMAZING.

And the first metal show I went to, I was 15 or younger. I don't really remember exactly how old I was but I think I was 14
Saw Children of Bodom and Black Label Society, and it was surprisingly not too loud. It was probably the size of the venue you described. When people bump into you from the pits or what not, just gently push them back, more as a rebound action, really.
But most of all, have a ****in' awesome time!
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AAL is probably going to be a lot more calm than most metal concerts.

This. I really want to see them live..

I imagine it'll be just like Scale the Summit, as I've seen them twice.

Instead of moshing/"hardcore" dancing, everyone just seems to chill out and enjoy the music. It's very awesome.
A lot of venues are 16+ or 18+

Better check to see if you can go.
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Unless you absolutely want to be deaf until the next day, wear some earplugs. You'll enjoy the music more, and you'll actually be able to make out what that chick/bro is saying to you after the show. (If there's no cute chick or show bro trying to tell you something after the show, you are a lonely person). Plus, earplugs usually help EQ the band for your ears, because a venue can turn the overall sound into an echo city or just plain too loud to process.

If you're looking to get into the pit, it'll be easily established while the show goes on, and most moshers are generally respectable of each other. If you're just looking for the music, then you shouldn't have a problem avoiding the pit and finding a place to chill.
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I tell you hwhat, I've been to a few metal concerts in my day and they ain't always pretty, and this is mainly due to the crowd. The men look like women and the women look like men. They whip their hair back and forth to the music and this can cause serious injuries not only to themselves but anyone standing behind them at the time. There will be cheesy fist pumping and sweaty man boobs.

I say this after recently attending an Iron Maiden cover band performance. But Animals As Leaders should be fine. I've heard they're beautiful live.
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You're going to come across a bunch of drunk, sweaty, dirty, assholes. They can be easily avoided.
Be prepared to get pushed around out there, buddy.
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I'm only 15 years old. Is it uncommon for someone my age to be going to a metal concert, where the opening acts are probably death metal/deathcore bands?

That's mainly who goes to those shows, actually.

Metal concerts are awesome. It's like, they manage to crank it up so loud that no matter how good the song is, it ends up sounding like shit.
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If you wear glasses, dont to this event.
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So much false and trolling in this thread.
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The entire genre is just a front for people who like beating up 15 year olds.

A pretty transparent one, too. Have you heard Immortal? No-one really listens to that.
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I stomp on children your age when we circle pit and wall.
just dont get shitty or annoyed if you get pushed around more than you thought.
that goes for you trying to avoid doing that yourself.
as the other guys said ear plugs arent a bad idea too. i was at a festival and i needed them for iggy, he was TOO loud

anywho just dont be a dick and you should have no troubles
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Lots of sweaty dudes grinding on each other. More or less.


I love metal and I love hearing it live but there's nothing more uncomfortable than a metal gig. Go to a ska gig instead, much better
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-12 year olds
-people slamming into you

You should expect that
False. I have been to 3 metal concerts and there were no kids nor idiots. All people were about 20-30 years old and extremely polite. Some were a bit drunk, but nothing special. Most of them knew all the lyrics of all the songs. The volume was very high.

NOT death/black/metalcore concerts though.
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I love metal and I love hearing it live but there's nothing more uncomfortable than a metal gig. Go to a ska gig instead, much better

This! Or go to a ska headliner with a punk opener so you get a taste of both worlds
NEVER go in the front center of the pit in front of the band. I did one time and a bunch of sweaty fat guys start shoving you into oblivion. I even lost a shoe! Also there will be a bunch of mosh pits where Br00talz hardcore kids start flailing their arms around like retards. Also between bands there WILL be a drunk dude stumbling around screaming "WHERE THE F*CK ARE MY GAUGES!!?!".

Nevertheless AAL will blow your mind. If your ears start to hurt take a break and look at the merch and stuff. Have fun bro!
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