Poll: What did you do with your grad party money?
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View poll results: What did you do with your grad party money?
Blew it on a big purchase (guitar, amp, etc.)
5 24%
Blew it on pointless items
2 10%
Saved it
6 29%
Spent on college
6 29%
2 10%
Voters: 21.
I just counted my graduation gifts, and it's quite the hefty amount, yet I'm a bit torn on whether I should blow it on the new guitar I want (and still have about 1/5 left over), save it for when I move out (I already have a bit saved up for when I dorm, but extra cushioning never hurt anyone) or I should put it toward the several thousand I still need to pay out of pocket each year at college. Not really asking you to make my decision, it just the current situation I'm faced with.

For those who have graduated, what have you done with your gift money?
you are young, you can make more, blow it all on a guitar or amp!
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Well I kind of blew it on an item that I didn't need and when I actually did need that money I didn't have it. So i pretty much regret spending that money so loosely. It was a good mistake to learn from for the future though.
I was forced to blow it on a laptop because my father didn't wanna buy me one (wanted to send the desktop to college with me). That being said, at the time there were several purchases I wish I could have made. Dorm life isn't horribly expensive because everyone at college is generally broke, so you don't need to be rich (especially since the person with the extra cash usually finds themselves paying for the food for everyone whose broke)
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Save it as spending money for college. You'll be glad you did.

Where you going to school?
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I'll be at Kettering, so I'll be working 40 hours a week and living in an apartment 6 months out of the year so I'll have some savings to live off of during dorm life, but I like having a nice safety blanket of bills to be covered in, but I'm not sure where to draw the limit between required safety and blowing money.
You'll learn the ropes pretty quickly I think, went through it myself this past year. Bought myself two second-hand guitars, a pedal, and some accessories and stuff without going completely broke, so it can be done if you're willing to work! All with my own cash by the way, working for what you have is the greatest!
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I just graduated college. I put about 7/8 of my grad monies into my savings, and spent the rest. I'm probably going to end up spending some of it on a new muffler for my car. I need to save a good amount of it for when i replace my car :P

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When it comes to moving into a dorm for college, all you'll need is a solid acoustic, nothing fancy. Chances are strict volume policies will restrain any practice with an amplifier, and you'd probably be too busy to really get good use out of it anyway. College is about being out and about with friends anyway, not sitting in your dorm playing an expensive amp and guitar at volumes you can barely get any satisfaction out of. Don't be the dick who plays his electric guitar while everyone is studying and/or having sex, be the chill guy who always has an acoustic on hand to lighten the mood and savor memories. I highly recommend just saving it and using it to buy/pay for something you wont have to question, especially to a place as odd as the pit. Besides, the best purchases in college are the ones you make through quick and reckless decisions. You'll just know. Some people get tattoos and hookers, my dad got a corvette, my mom get a parakeet, and my grandmother got a monkey. Those are just priceless.