So Pit, as I leave you tonight I want to leave you with this. I searched the forums and found nothing really like this. I just want to hear what you guys think of racism:

For example I totally hate it when kids tell jokes that are just in total bad taste and meant to offend, but I crack up when a comedian tells maybe a similar joke with better presentation. I mean I feel bad and feel like a hypocrite, but I guess I'm human. Also just general racism, how do you feel about it? The 'N-word'? Should Huckleberry Finn be banned for its use of the word? Should the context be changed?

Anyway, I think I have given you enough, if this even gets hits...


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I believe its a natural aspect of humanity. I mean, we can all say that we aren't racist, but at one point in life, we will all show a certain preference in races. Not to be extreme like hitler, but just perhaps making more friends of a certain race than others. It doesn't hurt anyone in such a small scale, but still racist to some.

Oh god, please no can of worms.
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Anyone who thinks Huckleberry Finn should be banned is an idiot.
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there's this thing called racism which is totally cool and then there's this other thing called racism which is not cool.

study this sentence and learn the difference.

I only make racist jokes for the punchline, not because I agree with what they are saying. But being a white male, I am forced to feel bad about it anyways.

It's not my fault we have been the superior race throughout all of history.

Presentation matters. If it's that kid who is always saying things that imply he's a closet racist, it might not be funny. Comedians are different.

As for the N-word. I don't think there's anything wrong with my friends joking around every once and a while and saying or texting things like "Shieet, nigga." In racist contexts it's extremely distasteful and tacky.
I think that when black people stop using the n word then we can ban huckleberry finn
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as a native american i have a lot of thoughts on racism but basically i try to remember that it is supported mainly by ignorant people who have no thoughts of their own.

what helps me is to realize that we are all the same species and there is no genetic/scientific/rational basis for racism and the only difference between us is a little(or sometimes a lot lol) melatonin

(wait was that racist?..whatever..)
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