Hey guys,
My band has been together a month and we already have a decent amount of material together! So, since things are moving along we figured we'd start getting our name out there!

So, if you like metalcore, and live near Michigan, check us out! We are even on facebook.

Ultimate Guitar

We have alot of influences, and it's difficult to describe our sound in terms of influences, but some to list, similiar to the "scope" of our sound, would be bands like All that Remains, Killswitch Engage, In Flames, and other bands with heavier influences, and a near "Death Metal" sound like As Blood runs Black.

Unfortunately, we don't have any MP3's up on UG yet, but there will be some as soon as we get the material recorded! (I will even update this post when we get new material.)

So, if you think we might sound good, come, bookmark us and wait until you can hear us and then become a fan! =D