What are songs that make your hand hurt? For me it's the riff to Metallica's Jump in the Fire. The solos are easy on my hands, but the riff makes my hand feel like it has carpel tunnel. Hurts so bad after i finish the song
That Was Just Your Life- Metallica \m/ It's a killer song, but Jump In The Fire, don't make me problem
@TS: It's probably because you don't play it with the right technique... Try and practice the rhythms on their own, focusing on the technique: begin at slower speed, and progressively increase the bpm...
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Wasn't there a thread about this like yesterday?
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The solos in Paradise City make my left forearm cramp up like a bitch :P
Your hands hurting/cramping up is a side of bad technique, not warming up or playing repetitive sections too long. If your not doing so you should really stretch your hands before playing, and make sure you use warm up exercises before playing more intense pieces.