Hey, I have an old bass amp that's just packed in. It's 10 years old now and I'm fully prepared for the fact it may have just given up the ghost, however if it can be fixed I would like to try.

It's a solid state amp which I know are notoriously difficult to repair and it's not worth enough to bother taking to a tech so basically what I want is if anyone knows any links that will give me hint/guidance on diagnosing the problem.

thanks to anyone who helps
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open it, take a probe and test all the parts. if any is broken, change it for another of same properties. Check if all the wires are soldered well.
When i opened my amp (which stopped working) i found out that one part (integrated circuit 303) is blow up (couldnt find one half of the part). I guess its unfixable cause i couldnt find the part in any of shops i know.
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