This was just awesome, I hadn't heard the original before so I checked that out too and it made this even more impressive. Recording quality is fantastic, sweet job man
Wow! You two pulled that off very nicely. Couldn't find anything to criticize at all. And yeah, the recording quality is prefect.
I'm absolutely loving the harmony in your voices. They fit so well... sort of reminds me of Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova from Swell Season (and the movie Once).

Great work. You said this was your audition song. Did you get any feedback about it yet or is it still way too early?
Hi Jeff, we didn't get feedback yet. The shitty thing was we could only do 1 minute so I hope they got a good impression...
Thnx for all the comments so far!
Hey man, thanks for checking out the video!

So I've never heard the original of this tune, but what I'm hearing is beautiful. It's kind of the polar opposite of the adele tune in delivery (power vs. breathy etc.), but the way your vocals work together is gorgeous. It may be easier to get the phrasing down if you guys sang together when recording. I know that brings with it its own challenges, but it really would be a good way to deal with phrasing. Also, I think the chorus "I"m running away" part is a great opportunity for harmony as well instead of you going into the falsetto. And the noise in the recording can be a little distracting. But that's all nit-picking. This was really well done. I "liked" it. Great stuff!
Absolutely beautiful! Love the way everything sounds, really great mix too!

Never heard the the original but I think It sounds good so I thinj you pulled it off!
How did the audition go?
Quote by Evil_Magician
Absolutely beautiful! Love the way everything sounds, really great mix too!

Never heard the the original but I think It sounds good so I thinj you pulled it off!
How did the audition go?

Cool, thnx for asking! The audition was ok, but not perfect. We expected we could do the whole song, but we only had the chance to do one verse and one chorus, so the last part was missing. I also made a little mistake with my guitar... We hear the results of our audition in 2 weeks.
good luck with the results of your audition, i cant imagine how you wouldnt get it. i wasnt familiar with the song before listening but your harmonies pretty much blew me away. everything about the recording sounds professional. i looked up the original after and didnt like it nearly as much as what the two of you did with it.
Wow. Absolutely beautiful. Really nothing to complain about. Your singing is fantastic, your voices match very well, everything is perfectly recorded, etc.

Possibly, it might be improved by maybe putting a nice acoustic guitar solo in there somewhere. And maybe the arrangement could be fleshed out, maybe some strings at the end or something, though there's a risk it'd get cheesy. I don't know, though, it pretty much kicks ass just as it is.
This song is amazing. I can't say I've heard the original, but this is wonderfully brought, your voices match perfectly together, the guitar was really nicely done. The recording and video quality were both really good too. I honestly don't have anything to remark on this, keep on going and good luck with that audition.
this was fantastically done. Awesome camera work and i like the black and white feel. Is that a Martin D28?

can you leave a comment in my thread?


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yea that is top top stuff.. great production...just great!!
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Thanks for the cool comments, any critics are welcome too This is not a Martin d28 it's a blueridge br40. (great value for the money by the way)

c4c, let me check your vids too