What's the difference between these two? I want to buy one of them, but don't know which is better. Nano is smaller and I like that, cause I don't want to carry too much things.
small clone is better for the extra 10% price. trust me.
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No, you don't want either.
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No, you don't want either.

Any suggestion about another pedals? Boss, Voodoo lab? I heard that EHX is a good producer.
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Nano clone is (from what I've heard) a bit crap. Small clone is good. The NEO clone is apparently a small clone, but smaller. Try that out.
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The Nano Clone is noisy.
Persoanlly I like the Small Clone, although it takes up a lot of pedalboard real estate.
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I have a small clone and it is good for the price. the nano clone is terrbile. I haven't played the neo clone so i can't give an opinion although it did sound pretty good in youtube demos. then again my trex tonebug reverb didn't have a god aweful hiss in youtube demo's either.
The Neo Clone is pretty good - I like it anyway. The Nano Clone sucks though.

If I had to go out and get a chorus though, hands down I would get a Hardwire Stereo Chorus. I spent an entire day listening to different choruses in the price range, and that one topped them all, easily.
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