Cool song man. I liked the new drums at :45, never quite heard it done like that before. Which, when your writing music like this, is the name of the game right? Reminds me of A7X stuff. All the playing is really tight, and the recording quality/mix is good throughout. Wish I could critique something but it was solid all around.

the riffs are nice and heavy, and the drums go nicely with the track, giving the song a thrashy feel, making the it an overall solid track, so i commend you.

you should throw in some nice lead tracks though, as continuous chugging without any vocals can get quite repetitive.
overall good composition- keep it up
the timing of your guitar was good, and it seems you got the right balance of clarity and thick, heavy texture.

check out my original composition!
i'd appreciate some crit
Pond Scum,
Sounds like 80's hair metal, which is fine by me! The intro guitar riff & drums sound great! But there is a noticeable cut & paste edit point at 0:42 and several other places (at least it sounds that way to me). Maybe it's just the jarring change in rhythm. This song could definitely use some vocals. I like the drums and the guitar tone. Thanks for the review!