Hello all,

So, after having a bit of trouble with my Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi (for some reason, it acts as an on/off switch--when i turn the pedal on the amp is audible but the pedal has no effect, when i turn it off no signal can be heard, as if someone had turned off the amplifier....)

I'm trying to use the "Effect Loop" feature of my Tech 21 Trade Mark 60 amplifier. Does anyone else have this amp, and know the proper way to use the effect loop (i.e, placement/order of pedals....)

Thank you!
You sure the batteries in the Muff are fresh? I know some of my pedals act as a mute when I turn them on and the batteries are dead.

I dont have the amp, but I'm assuming its much the same as any other effects loop. You can treat the order of your effects just like if you put all of them before the amp. There is no real "proper" way, but the best way to use it is to experiment and find out what works best for you. Personally I order my effects mostly like this:

Whammy (or similar effect) ---> Distortions/fuzzes etc --->Modulation (Phase/Chorus/Flange etc) ---> Time based (delays reverbs etc)

Its all about thinking what you want out of your effects. For instance, if you have Distortion->Reverb, then you'll have a distorted guitar sound floating in clean reverb, but if you have Reverb->Distortion, then the reverberated sound will be distorted too.