Anyone here played this amp? i play in a metal band atm and yes i am gigging, at christams time when i have money im looking at pairing this up with a marshall haze 1x12 cab, ive listened to video reviews adn stuff and really like the sound of it, just curious to see what you guys think
I played this the other day after hearing good things about it. I love engl but this thing just didn't have the punch I would want in a metal amp. The distortion was really weak, so much to the point that I'm not sure boosting it with an overdrive would help all that much. I spent about 5 or 10 minutes tweaking settings and couldn't find anything I liked.
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I dont mind mine. I dont play metal, but it covers hard rock really well, at least with my 2x12 Blackstar cab. Personally, go easy on the bass.

If it helps, my settings are, in o'clocks:
input gain - 2
lead gain - 1
bass - 10
mid - 11
treble - 2
lead volume - 3

I would also suggest using the lead channel, possibly mid boost as well, and use the 5 watt power soak, with volume at like 12 or 1.
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