Been drumming for a long time and I was wondering, I was always suffering from a low volume kick (I don't know if it's the gear or my technique)

People say they can't hear my kick drum.

Any suggestions?

The bass drum is fine and is loud enough though when other drummers use it.
What is your kick set up? Size, Heads, Beater, Muffling...
And do you play heel up or heel down?
Well can't really say much about my setup that it is a cheap ass drumset

My kick is just a Fernando double pedal, beaters are I think cotton with plastic stuff and Muffling is just a pillow and cardboard on the inside of the bass drum.

I mostly play heel up though....An experienced drummer told me to play heel down for more punch but I tried it and it really didn't add much, but I would use it for softer playing though.


Woops forgot the heads, Heads are just the cheap ones, Defaultly from the drumset...

Sorry I'm just a poor dude
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It'd be easier to tell if you could post a video really. I wouldn't have thought you'd have a problem hearing your bass drum, especially if you are playing heel up.
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Sorry, I was also looking fro kick size. The size in relation how much muffling will affect the sound. If you're looking for more power/volume then heel up is definitely a good choice. I'd say it's worth changing the following- Use a harder beater (plastic or wood, not felt. If your beater has a plastic side use that.), take out some muffling. Especially if it is really pressing against both heads, and change the heads OR at the very least make sure you've got them tuned well. If they're too loose you'll lose serious volume.
Also remember that a kick drum sounds very different from the players perspective than it does from the audience perspective.

Good luck!
Yea, you should take the stuff out of the bass drum. Muffling kills the sound. Try using 1 or 2 strips of felt under the head(s). That will help will overtones immensely, if it still doesn't sound quite right, lay a thin blanket along the bottom, but don't touch either head. Also, a new batter head might be in order, if your still using the factory head...sometimes they can be OK, but new one will improve sound greatly.
keep in mind that the sound you hear behind the kit is completely different from what it sounds like out front opf it. that may be why you say other drummers can get a better sound.

1) Record yourself playing, if possible, FROM THE FRONT. This is the most useful in determining the best way to remedy stuff like this.
2) The most muffling you should have is one pillow for live, although no muffling is better (unless it's like an Aquarian Superkick II/Evans EMAD which has a dampening ring)
3) Change beaters, wood ones are good for getting more volume
4) Hit harder
Thanks guys...I'll try to remove that card stuff out and maybe just add more pillows.

and maybe hit harder wahahah as if I don't hit it hard enough
nonononono, try to keep the pillows out!

You shouldn't need anything more than a medium sized towel, if you're doing anything right!

check out some tuning videos :P
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Linus is right all you need is something small like a towel inside the bass drum too much is too little. You would be amazed how loud the bass drum is when it's empty. If you only play single bass you could probably get away with an empty bass drum just using a click pad and the bass drum will pound. Beaters make a difference too try to go for the heavy beaters. Try tuning the reso head a small amount higher than the batter head that will also help.
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I use a Remo Powersonic Bass skin on my kick drum. It's amazing. I also have a rubber-like thing that's Remo and the beater hits that to give it power or something like that. I'm not a drummer, I just have a kit for the drummer in my band and jamming with people.
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adding to what's already been said, I found that the batter head tuning has a pretty high effect on volume. When I had my kick tuned really high (like 200 Hz or sth ), it was barely audible, especially in combination with toms...
a nice low tuned kick is much louder.

Also you might perceive other drummers as being louder because of the way they play and use dynamics, for example accenting all uneven beats, leaving the impression of being louder
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