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I am encountering a problem with my SG as of late, which involves the tone completely dropping out of guitar. Now I understand how ambiguous a statement that is, but I have no other way of expressing what happens. The volume stays the same but the bass/treble/mid all dissipate into nothing and the guitar sounds like Diddly Bo' strung with chicken wire.

It is an intermittent fault, usually upon turning on the amp it is fine but any deal of moving around, adjusting, hell even playing will eventually bring about the fault. I've tried adjusting the jack socket, re soldering it etc. but the fault remains. Moreover, it's my understanding that the jack socket would only effect connection, and any connection issues would cause a buzzing not this.

My amps are fine, as my other guitars work fine with no problems at all, has anyone encountered anything like this before or do they have any suggestions/advice?

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I've never come across anything like this so I can't give credited advice but I would suggest looking at/replacing the tone pots perhaps?
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How long have you had the guitar? It could be that your jack is just worn out and its not really holding the plug tight anymore so its not really connecting anymore. Do you ever get and pops or cracks?
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Had the guitar since I was 14, so about ten years! No pops or cracks or anything, again it's completely tone base. I think I am just going to try cleaning everything out, looking around apparently a dirty pick up selector can cause tonal abnormalities. And it has ten years of dirt and sweat and water and alcohol and god knows what else.
If you could remove the switch out of circuit, see if that would fix the problem. If anything would give out after years of normal wear and tear it would be the switch. If that doesn't work I'd suggest switching the output jack