Any lefties have some advice? I'm looking for a decent left handed electric to play a mix of genres on. Mainly metal though. So ideally 24 fret.

Any recommendations?
had a warlock,bu found the headstock too heavy,so i was always moving the bodyt around instead of playing..
i currently have an epiphone,which handles the harmonics really well,but feels like a baseball bat after playing my ltd mh100.
mate the ltd kicks!the only prob i have had is re-stringing it..which i have down pat now.the actions nice,theres no fret fuzz,i find the wammy bar loves divebombs!!it has nice tones and handles everything i give it.
the epiphone has 22 frets
ltd has 24.
price range?
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Give Schecter a serious consideration. Their lefty models are very good, and come at all sorts of price ranges and styles. If you want metal, maybe a C-1 Hellraiser?

I'd also suggest Epiphone, Ibanez also do a couple of lefty models, ESP and LTD do a small amount as well. Jackson have 3 or 4 models in left handed, too. Also have a look at some lesser known brands such as Samick.

I highly encourage you to go on their websites and check you which guitars come in left handed and their specs.
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