Hey guy's, I'm sorry for posting another crackling topic, but I've read a lot of them and still couldn't find the answer for my own, so here it goes.

I have a perception 220 mic and a Yamaha audiogram 3 usb interface. My computer is an hp laptop, with Intel Core Duo 2.20 GHz processor and NVIDIA High Definition Audio running on Windows 7 and Fl Studio 10.

I tried raising the buffers on Asio4All, I tried with the Nvidia controler. I didn't even have a lot of plug ins or tracks on fl studio so I don't understand why the crackling noise on the microphone. All the other things work fine, my electric guitar, and the MIDI keyboard.

Do you think it could be an Fl studio problem? I haven't tried it with any other software, because I really like fl, and I wanted to solve the problem there.

I guess the only solution might just be getting a better pc, I really thought that as long as I kept the recordings to one instrument at a time I wouldn't have any problems with using a laptop and a weak usb interface..
well there are different kinds of "crackling" and they each mean different things. Some are as simple as getting a new cable, while others can be more of a computer issue or issues with the gear.

Try opening a new session and recoding one single audio track with the mic without any other tracks or pluggins running. If the crackling is still there chances are it is not your computer.

Try a new cable. If some of the connections are wearing out, that could cause some crackling.
I doubt its a problem with FL I have been using it for years and never had a problem with it runing my microphone recordings, plus if this was the case you would hear it in your other tracks when recording. Try what sandyman said and if that doesn't work:

Also what type of microphone do you have? Have you tried any other microphones? Is the crackling from the recording being to loud (is it clipping, you can tell by looking at the mixer and seeing if its red on the channel or the sound wave has sharp edges).?