So I know this is a super noob question, but what are some tunings that I could put my guitar in that would allow me to use chord positions as if I was in standard? I have bassically always played in Standard or drop D, and got really interested in different tunings after I discovered the wonders of D Modal!


Seriously, those "chord positions" contain the notes of the chord. If you play a C major chord then the notes will be C E G. If you change the tuning of one string then you'll change the note. I guess it would be possible to tune the string so the note became a different note of the chord (eg. tune the top E string down to a C, then playing an open C chord would still be a C chord) but this wouldn't work for all chord shapes.

Basically, you're asking for a tuning where you can put your notes in the same place as standard and hear the same notes as you do in standard. That would be standard.

Unless I'm misunderstanding you're question?

Edit: Or as below but obviously it'll sound the same as standard just lower, so it's useful for transposing something down but not much of an alternate tuning if you're trying to experiment.
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any tuning where the intervals of the strings are the same as in E standard. tune it the normal way but change the lowest string to a different pitch first and see if you like it. experiment.
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