hey guys im new here...umm i have a question that ive been asking myself for agesss when i 'play' guitar, u all mite think its stupid but yeh i need to kno.

whhen i play a i think its called power chord. like umm 5th fret on Estring and then 3rd fret on both D and A string...ive noticed alot of the covers and bands ive followed wud use their index finger for the E string and then there ring and pinky for the d and a..but wat i do is i just use my index finger on the E string and my pinky covers both the e and d string, is this ok...? is there any disadvatanges with this or is the way im playing fine...also wenever im not using the E string i liike to mute it with my thumb so i can keep strumming normally, is this also ok? sorry its late so my engligh is failing me...thanks for the ears.
well you wrote the frets backwards but thats ok and yea you can play it any way its comfortable for you i usually switch it depending on what im doing after that chord is struck
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Actually, I think it depends on what you're playing. The power chord you're reffering to, I guess the easiest way is the way you mentioned: index for the low E, ring for the a and the pinky for the d string. This shape allows you to mute the other strings properly. The way you fret the power chord, it is kinda hard to mute the other strings, though it is possible.

To mute the low E while strumming normal chords without a used low E is fine.

Greetings from a selftaught guitarist ; )