I've been writing things on guitar pro for a couple years now and these are couple of my works that are more recent. I was going to upload my 8 or 9 minute medley but it was too large, so instead I chose newsong2 which is kind of groove/power metal with a breakdown and no solo. The other one called riffraff is a piece I put together after listening to a lot of different things. Both the tracks have RSE, so feel free to play with that. All of these things I just play with, and I'm not going after a specific genre I just like solos xD Anyway, I'd love to hear critiques, so let me know what you think.
hey man , i listened to riffraff with RSE , must say you have a nice rse sound , but your song really lacks something , allthough you have some nice rhytms going on it just sounds cinda random , and bar 16 - 17 - 18 was just weird and off.

i did like the break at 41 , cinda maidenish with the harmony going on , like the drum build up aswell and the overall feel it has , but it does cinda drag on.

liked the outro

i can say i liked it , but its really average imo , and not very memorable apart from the clean part from 41


can you crit the Holy Crusade for me ? its in my sig.

PS if you want to upload a bigger file , all you have to do is zip it
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Thanks for the honesty man. I'll hit yours up as soon as I'm on my cpu with GP5, and I appreciate the criticism. And thanks for the tip about the zip. I'll try and make some more solid songs now that I have opinion.
I listened to Newsong2

Very solid song overall, and it gives me a vibe of some of Metallica's work. The harmonies between the guitars are good and add to the upbeat style you've chosen here. There aren't many flaws in the piece, but that being said theres not much to make it really stand out from other thrash metal material.

But, there were some positive parts such as the great bass melody the section at bars 9 to 12, and every section in the song is written well.

This is a very solid piece, and I could see a band like Metallica playing this.



I also listened to RiffRaff,which was also a very solid piece, although it was less Metallica-esque, it still had some thrash tones to it. The bass work in this piece is great, and I like how it adds alot of counter melody to the other instruments.

The solo at 16 to 18 is odd, and the bass doesn't quite fit there with the leads. It forms a wierd harmony, which I would rework. The trills could also be fixed, as I think they're breaking the key.

The guitarwork in this piece overall is much more interesting than the other piece, so this is an improvement from the other one. The ending could use some more volume and variation, but I liked how the bass accompanied the guitar very well. Ending solo is good, but could be reworked.

Once again, a good piece.
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