Hi guys!
Ok, I have pretty weird problem here and it's pretty annoying
I have Squier by Fender Bullet Strat (Made in China) AMP is Laney LX35
So, what is going on... while playing on string B really annoying noise is appearing it sounds like 2 tones are overlap o.O so, I'm not playing any other strings but string B
Oh one more thing It's happening only when I turn the distortion ON without distortion everything sounds just fine but with distortion ON String B is going crazy
Guitar is tuned perfectly just to let you know that is not out of tune
This is my first electric guitar and I'm real novice with it and I have no IDEA what is going on D:
So please respond and Help me if you know what could be the problem

PS: I'm also new on the forum so ... sorry if I'm posting this in wrong place and Sorry for mistakes in English ... Is not my native language.
Is it properly intonated?
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Is it properly intonated?

Well, I'm not actually sure, I don't know how to check if is the intonated bad -.-
Maybe is that, so, can you tell me how to check Intonation?
To check the intonation make sure the guitar is in tune and play a note at the 12th fret with the guitar plugged into a tuner. It should obvioulsy be a "b". If its sharp or flat adjust the string length at the bridge by adjusting the saddles. It will take a bit of tuning, checking, tuning, checking, etc. But eventually you will get it.
It looks like that is the problem I'm trying all this with Intonation now and It kinda getting better it still It makes horrible noise but only on the middle (7,8,9 and 10 fret) of the neck, the top and the bottom are ok now
I'll keep trying thanks guys!