So over the summer I plan to re-customize a customized guitar(Its a Jackson RR I made) i did not long ago.

I like the paint job I did on it now. I really want to add Pinstripes to it. But what i want to do is buy Yellow Pinstripe tape, tape my design (It'll look silimar to an RR5 Jackson Black with Gold pinstripes) and clear coat over my pinstripe tape and lightly sand it to be smooth like it is.

My question now for more experinced Painters then I, Would this be a bright idea to save me the hassle of sanding and repainting the whole guitar. I would love to take the fast easy route, But I want to make sure its not gonna mess up my guitar and I end up just repainting it anyways.

Jackson RR5 Black with Gold Pinstripe body close up of what I want done
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You can , but it is not THE way to do a paint job. Besides, if you did it once, there is no reason why you can't get another nice finish the second time. I'd sand it down to the wood, seal it, paint it the gold first, let it dry, mask off what gold markings I want to keep with K-tape ( http://www.tcpglobal.com/kustomshop/ktape.aspx ), hit it with black, sand it with 1000, hit it with clear, hit it with 2000, then buff.

Good luck on your project