I recently thought of building guitars from scratch, guitar parts, refinishing the body and neck, and selling the guitar at a possible profit. Do you think that it would work if I used good parts and put a good quality finish on the guitar, or do you think it would be better to advertise for custom refinishing?
It all depends on your location and your skill level. I build guitars as well and while the profit is decent it is not near enough to make a living off of. there are, like any business, dry seasons. I also don't sell for a whole lot as i don't think my products are all that great. People just like home made stuff in my area
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Guitarists, in general, are some of the biggest brand *****s out there. Basically you're going to need to build a name for yourself at a hobbyist level before you can even think about making a living out of it
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how about you try it first, then think about it. Its not as easy as it looks to get something you can sell.
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im kinda curious about this too, could you go and work for some big brand names custom shop if you go good enough or something?
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well, my dads a carpenter (hobbyist) but he does sell some stuff and he gets requests sometimes. However, he has a "day job." He always says what he would have to charge for a table or whatever to make it worth his while is way more expensive than anyone would pay. Think about it, you dont only buy the parts and make them all purdy, etc. in one night. it takes a bit and every hour you do that is an hour you arent making money doing something else. so, youd have to compensate. id expect something like 25 bucks an hour for good carpentry work. i could refinish a neck in a weekend, only sanding down the old stuff and putting new stuff on it that is. a whole weekends work for a single neck (unless i get a few necks then i guess id do like 4 at a time). probably around 30 something hours provided the stain and clear coat or whatever dries in a timely fashion.

you gotta remember the world likes ikea haha not homemade
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