Hey, first post on UG. Been here for awhile and its a great site. Anyways, my friend has this Dean Z Jammer Strat style (yes, it is a Dean Z strat, not explorer) that he procured from a friend of his. Its a cheap guitar from the 80's with a weird build (plastic neck?) but its actually not to shabby. I can't really find any info on it or any other guitars that look quite like it, and we're kinda having a major issue with the bridge. Its like the bastard child of an FR and a strat bridge. He restrung it shortly after buying it and once all of the string were in place he realized that the bridge was stuck in a dive bomb position the strings having extremely low tension. Judging by the picture, could anyone tell me what kind of bridge this is and how it's supposed to be restrung? Sorry about the poor picture quality, its on my phone. http://www.flickr.com/photos/63734715@N07/5801488051/
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I'm not sure, but it looks sorta like a Kahler 2500(it's not, but...).

So I would assume it's some sort of Kahler. I'm not sure how to restring them either, TBH, but I've never seen anything like it either. Best of luck!
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sorry for the thread being brought back from the grave. its a kahler accutune by the look of it. its missing the wee screws off ot the top though. they were used on a few guitars, the dean hollywoods, and a few corts. if he still has it the problem is the fact that there is 2 teeny tiny springs under all that metal, if the guage is too heavy or the springs are stretched then thats the issue.