Okay so I was experimenting with sound today and was wondering if I could loop audio out of an output on my Line 6 UX2 through a guitar pedal back into interface and record sound. So curious me tried it on some vocals. I ran it into my modified DS-1. What did I get besides ear shattering pain? Feedback like a mofo. So I was wondering is there a way I can do this. Obviously this didn't work, I am guessing from a physics standpoint it probably makes sense that I can't just make a loop like that. So are there any suggestions that make sense to do this on. I thought of using my laptop with a lexicon lambda and taking the output from the lambda into the input of the pedal and record with the UX2.

I'm counting on you guys...
You would prolly need an actual mixer board, cause you would have to have your channel input, and then run your pedal through the boards effects loop, and then send that out through the main mix into your interface/computer/whatever.

Unless theirs an interface out there with a send/receive effects loop on it.
Thats what I was thinking....hmmm...I was really wondering if I could just get a cheap mixer and route it that way....

I do know that this probably wasn't a good idea for my equipment and speakers, but yet through all that thinking I still did it...lol
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