My last vibrato step really is to get the Yngwie styled one. I can't do it as fast as him... yet...

When he does his trademark epic bends, are they really fast 1/2 step bends?

Marty Friedman:
Is he considered notorious because he can bend a whole step really fast, or that he can apply vibrato to a 3/2 bend?
What does he usually bend as?

I'm trying to get a feel is 1/2 step bends really fast are what gives these guys such beautiful vibratos (besides their style!), or is if whole step...etc.
What makes these guys vibrato shine?
Prolly the skill from the decades they played guitar for. If we knew all of us could do it
Quote by DocArunas
Prolly the skill from the decades they played guitar for. If we knew all of us could do it

I swear half the people who post in this forum (btw this isnt targeted at you ) either have down's syndrome OR they've been playing for 10+ years and know their shit. So I hope they're all the latter and get an answer
well the vibrato just needs to be practiced, I have the ability to do Yngwie-ish Vibrato on the low strings(i don't do it much though) but it still doesn't sound like him because I am not him, and I don't have a scalloped strat or a wall of marshalls.
Well, Yngwie has much more of a signature vibrato imho - he tends to use the same one for most stuff.

In both cases, you want to focus on being wide - at LEAST a half step, the really epic stuff is usually a whole tone. You may want to try and focus on vibrato "in key" - to the next scale step basically.

The other thing is timing - work on vibrato in 8ths, triplets, 16ths, etc.

Finally, the tricky stuff is bending to a note and then vibrato around that pitch - being really exact about keeping the original note in the "middle" of the pitch fluctation is really really hard. (I find it really hard!)

Good questions! ^_^
He play 8 gauges and half-step down.

Anyone with a finger can make that noise with that setup.