Long story short, we are currently a four-piece band (Guitar-19, Bass-16, Drummer-17, Keyboardist-18) in preparation for a big show we are part of coming this August(most likely). The set list probably have 10 songs that you probably never heard of, meaning, you will need to learn 10 songs with the band. We're going to be practicing frequently soon, mostly at the drummer & bassist's place in New Hyde Park, LI. However, a few days prior, we are going to practice at the venue in Bell Park Community Center. There isn't really a lot of pressure on the vocalist, just the instrumentalists, so it should not be a hard job. All songs and lyricsa are already written, so for the most part, you are just memorizing words and phrases of a song. For you, the initial practices may not be mandatory, however, the later practices are a must. If you wish to be just a hired gun, for experience, that is not a problem.


- Male
- 16-19 Age range
- Versatility to sing some brutal songs
- Taste in Hard Rock & Metal (GNR, Metallica, Iron Maiden, you get it...)
- Ability to make it to New Hyde Park and later Hillside for weekly practice
- Willingness to have a versatile taste in music to remake some non-metal songs into metal ones (not pop; classical, folk, blues, etc)

Extra (not necessary)

- Screams/growls
- Interest in children's card games(You know what we mean)
- Acceptance that Charlie Kelly is the epitome of awesomeness
- Can play an instrument
- Non-drinker/smoker
- Brony
- Can think of an awesome band name