look guys im fairly new to tube amps, so the pedal related question i have is are the digitech x-series ok w/ tube amps. more specific i have a crate vc-5212 and was thinking of picking up the tone driver od. i also have other x-series modulation effects, any advice on those would be app, i know thats more of a taste thing though. I play lps and various super strats, and classic to hard rock, + alternative, dont know if that matters much here though.........
so i guess no 1 knows, and it is truly all a matter of opinion and no right or wrong
i think they're digital? not sure. i mean they'll work... whether they sound any good, i dunno. the digidelay sounds not bad... chorus is alright for a digital, but i prefer analogue. haven't tried the tonedriver.
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The Tone Driver is digital and uses the AudioDNA chip. It will work fine with a tube amp. I have one and while it sounds ok I don;t think it sounds great. At the low end I would recommend a TS7, which can be found on eBay for about $25. And excellent choice at $40 is the MXR Classic Overdrive from Guitar Center.


I have the Crate VC5310. My rig is an RP1000 with a bunch of individual pedals in the stomp loop (including my brand new M5) and a Hafler T3 preamp in the amp loop. There is nothing wrong with mixing digital and tube amps. IMO some of the digital distortion models in the RP and HD Pod series are really good.
ok thanks guys,,, so the tonedriver uses the same audio dna chip as their processcors, thats interesting, i do have a ts 7, bm, and a few other ods, was just wondering about the tonedriver and digital effects in general, i know the tubes sound so much clearer, so i speculate the sounds would se much more digitally, i do like analog, but im wondering the priorities as far as what to replace first, or add for that matter.
I think the Tone Driver was overly filtered and sounds a bit dull. I've used OD's from the RP1000 on my tube amp and compared it against the OCD, and didn't think it was that far off. Digital stuff is getting much better.