..since tomorrow is my birthday and my parents INSIST on getting me something. I told them the only way I'll get something is if they at least let me pay for most of it and they agreed.

That being said I'm currently playing through a Peavy 15w, I absolutely LOVE metal (Megadeth, Black Sabbath, Annihilator, other thrash) but I found myself liking the overdriven, glassy tones more than just 5150's.

I went to guitar center and tried a couple out, but I still haven't found anything to my liking.

- I'd like it to be a tube amp
- Mainly get a glassy clean tone than can also be overdriven with a tubescreamer
- Can be heard over drums, but can also be played at home levels (If that's possible I guess)
- In the $600 range (I might be able to be a little more flexible, but nothing past $700)

Here's the main tone I'm looking for:


I'd still like to be able to play some Black Sabbath, Led Zepp, Billy Idol, and some early Judas Priest if possible.
^I agree with you. Though, they're really close to the max of your budget, you might need to stretch, but only a little bit.

Blackstar HT series are really good for the price. You can easily get some 70's tones to the modern metal tones from that amp with the ISF control and then of course the traditional EQ.
Gear pics

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