I'll be building my first guitar in a few weeks(a PRS SE One replica), and there is some things that are hard to find.
1-0ne P-90, one volume pot wiring diagram. *FIXED*
2-A PRS SE One Pickguard tracing.
3-Some review of the GFS Bridge soapbar P-90, if anyone experienced it. *FIXED*
It would be awesome as f**k to have only one of these problems solved. Thanks alot in advance
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by one volume do oyu mean one volume no tone?

if so just conect one end of the p90 to ground the other to the volume and th emiddle lug of the volume to te jack and use the outside ones as in and the other outside to ground
edit to fix ^

looks like this

the sleeve on the phatcat would be the ground of the p90
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According to A LOT of GB&C regulars, most of the stuff from GFS is really good for the money, including their P-90's. I bought a set of PAF-style pickups from them a while back, and you would've never guessed I paid $40 for the set. They sounded that good.
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