It's a Line 6 Flextone Plus which is one Line 6's first amplifiers, released in the late 90s as a cheaper alternative to their current flagship model. Before you hop on the "Line 6 sucks" bandwagon, this is not some shit practice amp. It had an original MSRP close to $1000 for the 60 watt combo, and the foot controller alone still sells for $300+ in mint condition.

I paid $400 for the amp and the foot controller; they're cosmetically beat up, but everything works just fine.

Amp: None of the models really have a ton of gain, but you can definitely get some more modern metal tones out of it with the right settings. I've tried it with a TS9, which works like a champ for tightening up the overall sound. Stand out models are the SLO, AC30, and Dual Rec clones.

Floorboard: The volume pedal is like any other passive volume pedal. The wah is similar to an old Vox. It's nice for classic rockish tones, but I'm sticking with my Weeping Demon for the high gain stuff. There's also an integrated chromatic tuner, and tap tempo switch.

The floorboard has two modes: Effect and Preset. Effect mode basically works as a pedal board; you set the effects on the amp, then toggle them with the controller. It also has a treble booster, an OD, and a clean boost. Preset lets you store and access 16 different configurations spread over 4 banks. Switching between banks and slots is instantaneous, but there is a slight delay when switching the chromatic tuner (which bypasses the amp) on and off.

Overall, this amp works well for what I need: versatility. It's basically a jack of all trades (and master of none) that sounds MUCH better than other modellers I've tried, including Vypyrs and Spiders (II, III, and IV).

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nice amp!! for cover bands, or bands that have a lot of different guitar sounds, that amp is very hard to beat. have fun with it, and dont be afraid to layer your own pedals over internal effects. you may get some crazy results
HNAD! Aside from the spiders, Line 6 make solid gear. The spider hate I get, the general line6 hate though is unfounded.
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Line 6 makes some quality amps (excluding the lower end ones). I really like the vetta and flextone series. And the spiders aren't that bad and by that I mean Spider Valve lol
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