So I was looking at a PRS SE 24 but now I've realized all my local stores will be charging ~$1100 which is an ass load more than I expected thanks to PRS being a somewhat rare species here in Aus. I'm wondering, now that I'm looking at spending upto $1100 for the PRS, would there be a better guitar I could afford now instead? Playing Karnivool, Tool, Rage Against the Machine and need great clean+distortion.
Thats too bad man, theres someone in my local classifieds thats been trying to get rid of a PRS SE 24 and a 22 both black, for about 450.

Im all the way in the US though...
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thats insane, do you have any US friends or the possibility of purchasing online, they are $664 at sweetwater.com
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I don't sadly =/ and I really want a new one for the new Orange colour and inlays. My local store can do $1050 and the larger store 2 hours away can do $1000 but obviously money is involved taking a trip there

Btw, just realized I had the wrong forum. Cheers to whoever moved it!
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