I want to preface this by saying I primarily play metal. I have a two questions.

1) I know a set of 11-56s will be very good for Drop C. Can this also play Drop C#, and C# standard? I don't know if this will screw up my guitar, I know that tuning a guitar with something like 13-70s to standard as a reaaaaally bad idea, so I was just wondering.

2) What gauge would you suggest assuming I want to be able to play Drop C and Standard on the same guitar (this is only temporary until my new guitar comes in)?
Depends if you mind playing with 11s in standard. If so 11-56s or 54s would be fine, if not try 10-52s. Down tuning doesn't screw up your neck as much as people on here say it does, but 13-70s in standard isn't a very good idea.
But 11-56, 11-49, or 10-52s would be fine in standard? My neck wouldn't get screwed up?
this is like literally asking somebody if they prefer white or black socks. its really personal preference.

i have guitars with 11's 12's, and 13's most of them in standard tuning, and the lowest tuning being C#. i like heavey strings.

i bought one of my gibsons from a guy who strung his guitar with 8's so he could bend 2 1/2 steps (which i can easily do with 11's or 12's in standard).

its personal preference.

why people ask these questions is beyond me.


as far as neck damage is concerned you shouldn't have an issue assuming the guitar is set up decently.
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Alright cool, thanks. Sorry for being a huge noob, lol. It seems like people tell horror stories about their neck getting all screwed up because they had too heavy strings on their guitar. I'm gonna get the 11s. Thanks.
Chuck norris uses chains as strings, and when his neck breaks, he uses his teeth as the nut.
I use 11s for standard tuning on humber-loaded guitars, 10s on single coils and 13s on C standard.

It's just a preference and I've had no issues with any of my instruments.
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Chuck norris uses chains as strings, and when his neck breaks, he uses his teeth as the nut.

Oh? I thought word was that he uses razor wires for strings?
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