I need to buy a pickup for a new guitar, and I am putting a Pearly Gates in the neck, but i need a good pick up to really bring out the tone when needed. I was thinking a Sh- 1 '59 or a Gibson 5' custom even, what are ideas?
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A Ducan JB?
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What kinda tones are you looking for?

I find the Pearly Gates to be a generally versatile neck pup, but without a reference point, I don't know what your end objective is.

Also what amp do you have? A custom hand-wound pup is not going to make any difference in tone if you're playing through an MG.
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What amp and genres? and what guitar/wood too? I love the sound of the Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge of my Epi Les Paul, versatile to take me from blues to hard rock to metal if i so choose (through the right amps of course, i aint doing any BR00TZ on my AC30 :P)
The JB is a pretty worthless pickup compared to most of SD's other offerings, let alone other winders.
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a dimebucker is the only answer here. clearly.

i'm surprised you even asked.
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I already have a dimebucker in my Razorback Gregs, I am trying to refrain from using the same pickups because I don't like the sound really. To Kitty and Jay it would be played on a Epiphone G1275, through a Crate g120 and raven cab or a Dime Amplification set. the wood is mahogany i wanna say
just put two PGs in there.
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