No whammy for the solo so i ended up trying to stay true with some cheap improv. In the end, i decided I need a guitar with easier upper access. Sustain ain't so good on the explorer on the 22 fret when bended- oh well.

didn't fiddle with the GT-10 as much as I should've. Little too distorted, but it's all digital anyways. I hopefully will get a mic one day so i can mic the amp (sounds much better).


done on a master backing track

It sounded good, but your tone was alright, like you said, a little too distorted, and you might want to turn down the delay a little. Other than the tone, everything else sounded good, what you played sounded right as far as i could tell. The tone is the only thing bringing down the cover a little.

On a separate note, as far as micing your amp goes, you should check out the Shure SM-57, just a suggestion, it cost me around $100 and it sounds really good.

BTW, where did you get the backing track from?
yeah. i have an old sm57 somewhere, but nothing that provides phantom power. and my mic might not work. I think that's why i packed it away.


type that in google and you'll find the site.

the good ones are rips from guitar hero games