Definitely digging most of the song. The transition at 3:24ish is a little weird, doesnt really fit the rest of the song, but I can completely tell where you were trying to head with it. Most of the riffing is completely solid, though. Great work
ooh you've actually got some good ideas in there mate. love the riffage haha.
i suggest you spend a bit more time working on your backing drums- they should complete the song rather than just act as a way of keeping time.
also, try and improve your recording method- the tone wasn't too great (although i'm not that great at getting a good recording tone either)
play around. if your amp has a direct input, try it out. chuck a mic in front of your amp and move it around and see what you get. play around with your eq.
do you double track your guitars? if not, try it.
still a nice track which i enjoyed

check out my original too yeah? i'm not very experienced either haha
Some nice riffing in this track, and it flows nicely and kept me interested throughout. I can't spot any flaws particularly with the songwriting. Maybe more main lead sections? Eh, it sounds pretty good as it is However i can offer some tips on the production:

First of all, double-track the guitars, one left and one right. This will spread out the overall sound a lot and give it the thickness it needs. Your actual guitar tone sounds fine, i'd add a little more mid and slightly more treble, and maybe slightly less gain too but it doesn't sound too bad as it is.

Definately give the drums more presence. The bass drum also doesn't sound powerful enough, and has too much of the high frequencies; give it more of a punch instead.

Try to play around with the panning of the cymbals too, right now the whole track sounds very mono. Making use of panning will make the mix a lot more interesting.

Overall i'd say an excellent track, you just need to work on the production. Nice one mate

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I agree with the double-tracking statement. I like the actual riffs you are playing a lot, and I like what the drums are doing! Sometimes, all of the sound is blurring together between the drums & the guitar (which made me initially think the playing wasn't as tight as it really is). Having things panned out in different places will help my ears make out what is playing when & hear each more clearly. Now it sounds mono, or close to mono. The bass playing is good too. As of now, it has kind of a live recording vibe. Please review my music at this link:

Hey man, this was wicked. Awesome riffing, all flowed very well and had a solid heavy vibe. I feel like the guitars were a little too loud, even though they were good I just thought the drums could stand out a teeny bit more. The only question i have is wtf is happening at ~2:08??


I do quite like the song, however I do find that the mixing sounds a bit mushy. Perhaps try a little more mid and treble through the guitars?

loving the dissonant sound the track though.
Could have done without 2:08-2:22. Just doesn't really fit well to me. It's great with so many cool ideas and riffs, just double track the hell out of this. It'd sound a whole lot better and have a much fuller sound. I can definitely hear that Pantera influence too. Awesome material.

Crit for crit?