My friend was given an old Hondo bass(I believe it is an H620 based on the little research I have done and the picture I have seen). He said he didn't know whether or not to fix it up. I don't know exactly what it would cost for good replacement parts on the bass. Heres what it needs:

New tuners: 1 is missing, 1 doesn't match.
New pots & wiring
New nut: The stock one is somehow at the same level as the first fret, causing terrible string buzz(I think it got knocked out of place because there is a mysterious ridge where the nut could possibly fit.)
New strings

It's also scratched and beat up pretty badly. So... do you all think it would be worth fixing, or is it junk?

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I have a hondo strat, it's nice enough, and as a free project who can complain. Never toss an instrument, there's always an experience or money to be had.