Poll: How do you eat your Trix Yogurt?
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View poll results: How do you eat your Trix Yogurt?
I mix them up
4 11%
I don't mix them up; I eat each colour separately
2 6%
I don't mix them up; I disregard the colours and just eat it
6 17%
A combination of mixing/not mixing/other
5 14%
I don't eat Trix Yogurt and also don't have a soul
18 51%
Voters: 35.
So pit,
When you ate/eat Trix Yogurt, did/do you mix it up, or eat each colour separately?

I know people that do both, and was wondering how most people ate theirs.
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I've never had it.

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Danimals > Trix
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i always tried to seperate it in the bowl before i ate any. same with capn crunch and lucky charms. but the 'mellos would always get soggy and gross before i got to them. ocd. yeah. waana fight about it?
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^ I want to fight about it.

OT: This stuff my friends.

Also I ate them separately.
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^ I want to fight about it.

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i like raspberries in my yogurt, not red.
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I keep the colors separated but don't eat them separately, I eat right down the middle trying to get half and half on the spoon and then eat the sides. shhh it makes sense.
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i try to get equal amounts in each bite. although i dont mix them while its in the cup. i simply do my best to get both on my spoon and hope for the best. it also makes eating it kind of an interesting challenge.
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Silly helena, trix are for kids.
What is this trix yoghurt you speak of?
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Anyone who hasn't had Trix yogurt needs to get some now!
Anyone who doesn't like Trix yogurt should go die, now!
I eat Trix Yogurt without a spoon. I just squeeze and slurp.

Yes, I tend to live dangerously.
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