Hi guys

I'm looking for some opinions on what pickups to get... I have a BC rich warlock (neck thru) and play melodic death / folk metal and i'm looking for a tone similar to amon amarth, ensiferum etc - clean leads and chunky riffs...

I'm currently using passive seymours and i'm not really happy, alot of ppl are leaning towards the EMG81/85 setup...

Should I go active or not? What pickups should I get?
A] Pickup thread
B] Which SD's do you have?
C] As Martindecorum said, amp is more important
D] Passive to active isn't just a pickup swap, a little bit more work is needed [not saying it's impossible]
E] I also don't like EMG's, but that's personal.
RIP Gooze

Going from passive to active would likely mean that you'll need to route out a cavity for the battery. Will also need new pots.
Passive to active is all personal preference really. Personally I prefer the sounds my EMG''s give me than anything a passive has ever provided. Though when I'm feeling lazy passives let me get away with sloppier playing, whereas actives make every mistake well known haha.