So i been ear training with a program lately (an interval testing game). However, it dont help me with transcribing. Is there any software/exerzise that focus on repeating a melody flawless? I know transcribing helps, but im into very fast/tecnical stuff, so i need something easyer like slow four-note melodes. My instrument is guitar, by the way.
You have to practice hearing and identifying intervals. A computer program is not going to rapidly increase your ability to recognize intervals. Especially if all it is doing is playing a root and then a note higher or lower then it and then asking you to click the interval name. You should be listening to music and trying to recognize intervals in the melody. Start with happy birthday or something of that nature.
You can practice playing by ear some slow melodies here:
As you progress, they will get trickier, but not in terms of rhythm.
It also has excercises for intervals, chords etc.
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wow garyp that site is so useful! thanks.
i'll be using it everyday from now on!