Hi GG&A, thinking of saving for a 333xl212,
a quick question though, when it comes to extention Cabs, would i be able to comfortably sit it atop a matching 2x12 for a makeshift 4x12?

Also, who has this amp, the youtube videos are okay, but the sound really varies, are there any good quality recordings around!

Thanks in advance

What Gregs said re cab.

I've played one a few times (girlfriend's little brother has one) - it's a very nice amp that does a pretty good job mimicking the Peavey XXX it was based on.

Obviously the main fear is the reliability thing/fire hazard, but if yr not worried about that go for it. Great value and you get a lot of tone for yr money.
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I heard the infinitum Models are free from the hazard, but i guess only time will tell, but for now for costs sake, i think im going to get the 2x12 first, Knowing that it will be able to handle the 313xl combo! thankyou very much

the 333xl is heavy, but it's a different amp that has the "crushing" features.

you should be golden.