First off, How do I get my harmonics nice like SRV does in the video? The beginning and the last few notes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UogMHHJ_8fs


At 2:39 in this video, just be Frusciante goes into the solo, you'll hear like a huge thing of distortion come up, to me it's sounds pretty cool.. like it "connects" the solo. How would I do this? I'm not sure if this question belongs here (I'm not sure what is doing it, the guitar, Pedal, Amp, etc?) so I figured I'd ask he with the harmonic question.


Thanks in advance if I don't get the chance to respond.
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First Question: Practice and lift your fingers off the harmonic notes.

Second Question: He's pretty much just playing. He stomps on a fuzz box or something & does a dodgy slide.
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