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What do u guys think is a decent price of selling this used? Someone is selling this baby for $2000. I was wondering if it was worth it.. Apparently the differences between this and normal edition is, that its rosewood back and sides. The rosewood makes it much fuller sounding. Also it has a gloss finish on the entire front back and sides unlike the regular edition. wondering if I should jump on it.
That's not a bad price but not great either. The 714 sells used for around $2000 and more or less the same guitar but with nicer looking abalone inlays. If you play the 414 and fall in love with it then go ahead and get it otherwise I'd suggest spending the money on a 714 instead.
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I wouldn't pay that much for it, but I'm not love with the 414ce either. Personally, I'd try to negotiate him down, get a better price for it, but I absolutely hate paying sticker price. At the end of the day though, if you really want that guitar and think someone else might snatch it up first, pay him the 2 grand.
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