yeh i see what you mean, abalone looks incredibly tacky, Im pretty sure there are plenty of singlecut Prs's with flamed maple tops and i think Gibson and Epiphone probably do a few flamed maple top Les pauls aswell. Also look up Tokai, they are bound to have some maple top Loverocks and Dean have a few single cutaway models with flamed maple tops.
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Trust me, the abalone looks bad in those photos (and judging by that photo alone I'd never buy the guitar) but in real life it looks great.

Rather than looking like it's tacked-on just for the sake of having abalone, it looks like part of the guitar's design.

That said, look into the PRS SE 245 that''s coming out. It's basically PRS's answer to the Les Paul/ 24.75'' scale singlecut guitars.


The flame looks great.
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Well, you could take a look at the PRS SE 245 or SE Singlecut, but that's more of a veneer than an actual top though. Fame makes some nice LP copies with a flame maple top (you're in Europe, so you should be able to find them I think). Some of the Schecter Solo-6 models also have Flame Maple Tops IIRC.
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Hmmm, I haven't seen any of these for real since they are rather rare in europe but a Wasburn Idol might do the trick for you:


I Think the honeyburst ones look sexy, you might want the mode Idol win series if you want something that looks more like a LP.

Or you might wanna try one of the michael Kelly patriot, there are some with heavily flamed maple tops.

if you want a "real les paul shape", then you could have a look on some Edwards in honey burst finish (sexy as hell), but the shipping costs for these are quite high.
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