Hey fellow UGers!

Decided to make a thread on the forum to help get my band a little more coverage. We are a metal band from a little town called Port Hedland in the north west of Australia. We currently only have one song up, but we have almost finished recording on a second, which will be going up soon. Our genre isn't really set in stone at the moment, but I personally think we're leaning towards something melodic death metal, but I'm still not quite sure. Feel free to give some opinions and feedback! Also, the production work is all done by me, and I'm relatively new to it, so any feedback on that would be welcome too.

You can find our material on the bandpage section of our facebook!
Averna's Facebook Page
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Here are our current members:
Michael Blakeman (me) - Guitar, Production
Jace Fulton (ihavenoname93) - Guitar
Hagan Gillespie - Synth, Vocals
Chris Benetti - Vocals

We currently lack a bassist, so I have been just using a MIDI bassist in recordings for the time being.
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Thanks man! All home done. Used Superior Drummer 2.0 for my drum sound. For bass, I just used Cubase's Halionone Fingerbass VSTi and ran it through Guitar Rig 4. As far as guitar tone goes, I'll give you my signal chain below:

Ibanez GSA60 (I know, I need to upgrade) -> Line6 UX2 -> Cubase 5 -> TSE808 -> Le456 -> Sir2 -> Redwirez ENGL cabinet impulse.

I didn't EQ or compress the guitars.

But yeah, I love LePou's amp plugins, they're great, and free! If you're interested, here's where you can get them: http://lepouplugins.blogspot.com/