Hey guys, I am gunna be making a guitar with my Dad very soon. I can't wait. I've never made a guitar before and nor has he. He's an expert carpenter though so he has some mad skills when it comes to wood.

I am thinking of making a Telecaster-esque shaped Les Paul. So, most of the hardware from a Les Paul type guitar on a Telecaster shaped guitar. I'm gunna give it a carved top like a Les Paul and a contoured body like a strat. It's gunna have a mahogany body and be finished in Arctic white. Hopefully going for a mahogany neck with a maple fret board. Les Paul style tone controls/ pickup selector. I'm not sure about pickups yet. I would like a single coil in the neck and a humbucker in the bridge. I would quite like a string through body. Nice thick neck. I don't know whether to have a set in or glued in neck though.

Any suggestions what I could do with this beast?

I want to use it for Guns 'N Roses, Led Zeppelin and AC/DC type rock. Classic rock basically.
Set necks are typically glued?

But sounds like a Fun project! good luck!
Quote by Tomothie
Set necks are typically glued?

But sounds like a Fun project! good luck!

Yeah, I meant bolt on.
personally i'd go with a set neck on that thing since you want to have the strat tummy cut. also i just dont see the need to have a neck through on a tele. the higher fret access isn't the best on there so its not like you're dying to increase speed up there anyway.

although, it is easier to do neck through!
Sounds like a very nice thing, hope it goes well! The neck joint is a big part of the tone, so if you want it to sound more like a tele, go with bolt-on, if more like a 'paul, go for set neck. However, as far as I know, a set neck is a bit trickier pull off, so for a 1st project a bolt-on one might be better.

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Yeah thanks. I've got a rough sketch drawn up. And it looks good. Anyone know any good pickup combinations for classic rock? I was thinking either 57 Classic in the neck and a 57 classic plus in the bridge or Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro II's in both the neck and bridge.
This is what I want it to look like, roughly. I want to shape the scratchplate slightly differently. And I want the guitar contoured.

For your first build with your Dad please think about using a ready made bolt on neck. Neck building, I don't think, is something you two need to do to build a good guitar together. In fact it might stop you from finishing.
Make sure your bridge saddle radius matches the fretboard's radius. Don't get too complicated for you two to build and have fun. There are books and DVD's available that will help with the build and setting up your guitar. Good luck.